SIPRO is a novelty

among dental scientific societies,

focusing on prosthodontics

and oral rehabilitation

what we do

We are a meeting place open to everyone, with the aim of bringing together as many experiences of Italian prosthodontics, from experienced clinicians to younger ones, from private practitioners to university representatives.

The overall bibliometric impact of scientific production of our founding members places the society at the highest levels of national and international dental scientific societies.

SIPRO aims to be a network of shared experiences, SIPRO believes that only through a continuous and shared comparison among diverse elements a real innovation can evolve.

– In a rapidly changing dental world, SIPRO wants to anticipate the continuous challenges that involve professionals, including companies.


With young people, for the future of the more experienced and for the profession in all its aspects.

We want to be concrete on different levels: clinical (therapeutic plans, treatments, and relationships with patients), scientific (achievable objectives, regulations, relationships with Institutions and stakeholders) and entrepreneurial (dental clinic management, tools, digitalization), to be truly useful to our members and patients.




The Italian Society of Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation was at the end of 2021, proposing itself as a network of experiences, in the belief that innovation can only arise from dialogue and continuous sharing between elements of diversity.


Via del Gelsomino, 20
50125 Firenze

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